i’m alyssa. i am a wedding photographer living outside of salt lake city with my husband and three little boys. i love music, art, sports, psychology, and photography. i am not afraid of full sun portraits or low-lit ceremonies. i am afraid of heights. and spiders.

for me, photography is something i can't not do. i need it to keep going. it gets me through motherhood, and my life, and everything, really. but i have found it also to be tremendously rewarding to channel this self-centered act of creativity, this medium, this form of communication and documentation, and use it for the benefit of people who seem to like the way i see things. i tend to become overly attached to my clients, but photography is art and art is personal, and if you find value in my art then that means you find value in me so obviously i love you already. i wont apologize!

as a photographer, i want to tell the whole story. not just the big moments; but the small ones too. an introvert at heart, i live for the small moments. there is so much beauty in the quiet, the subtle, the mysterious. all of that makes me feel alive. i see beauty in (almost) every thing, and (definitely) every one. so hi and thanks and i love you.