i’m alyssa. i am a wedding photographer living outside of salt lake city, utah with my husband and three little sons. i love music, art, sports, & psychology. i’m not afraid of full sun portraits or low-lit ceremonies. i am afraid of heights. and spiders.

connecting with other human beings to create beautiful and honest images while being a witness to some of the most intimate, important moments of their lives is almost beyond words. i cry during toasts and first dances, and unapologetically fall in love with the people i work with.

as a photographer, i make images to tell a whole and complete story, not to concoct an ideal. i apply this approach to everything i shoot. it is always my goal to make images that will transport you back to the emotions and complexities of that day, whether it is the day you got married, a normal afternoon at home, or the day your first child is born.

i want to remember how something felt as much as i want to remember how it looked. i like to work with people who want those things, too.